About us
LEBADA SPORT HUNTERS AND FISHERMEN’S ASSOCIATION’s main purpose is the preservation of biodiversity and protection of cynegetic and water-based important fauna, as well as the preservation of natural development space by recreation or sport hunting and/or fishing as forms of active rest and free time spending.
Where do we hunt
We manage six cynegetic domains, all in Romanian territory, Moldova zone. Hunting areas are in Lipova and Colonesti, Bacau County, Dragomiresti in Vaslui County, Margineni in Neamt County, Volovat in Suceava County and Vorniceni in Botosani County.
What do we hunt
In Romania, hunting is perceived as a rational activity, held with the purpose of maintaining natural equilibrium. More exactly, it has the purpose of keeping the balance between the predator species and herbivore species and between the game species generally and their medium, abiotic or biotic.
Where do you find us
  • 42, Libertatii St., Gradistea, Ilfov County
  • 0755011010